Your Process

Our Process

We can apply our expertise to any overall approach to the process of your divorce or allocation of parental rights matter.

  • First Step: Collaboration

    In Colorado, you may elect to have a “Collaborative divorce.” This is an entirely different process than litigation or even mediation, and often involves a financial and/or mental health “coach” to help your entire team assist you and the other side in reaching rational agreements and avoiding court entirely. To learn more about this unique process, please click here.

  • Second Step: Mediation

    Most Colorado courts require that the parties mediate before they reach their day in Court. This process allows a neutral third party, usually an attorney (although it doesn’t have to be), to come in and give you their sometimes hard to hear perspective on the merits of both sides of the case. At BAM, we can represent you through a mediation or serve as the mediator for a case between two non-clients. Our approach is aimed at allowing the parties to reach facilitated agreements that do not run afoul of the law, and are therefore enforceable, with the hope that by being active participants in the crafting of your Order you are more likely to be confident in that Order as you live under it for what is often many years.

  • Third Step: Litigation

    Not all domestic disputes are ripe for ready settlement. Being prepared for court is often the best settlement motivator for the other side. Our attorneys are all tenacious, energetic, formidable adversaries in the courtroom.