15 Ways to Save Money on a Divorce Featured on MSN Money

15 Ways to Save Money on a Divorce Featured on MSN Money

BAM Partner Margot Alicks was quoted in MSN article titled 15 Ways to Save Money on a Divorce featured on Microsoft’s MSN Money, a financial and personal finance site that attracts tens of millions of monthly readers.

15 Ways to Save Money on a Divorce Featured on MSN Money

The article looks at “15 Ways to Save Money on a Divorce.” In the article, Margot states that while it’s possible for couples who have no disputes over assets or child custody to go through the divorce process without legal counsel, she recommends hiring an attorney for a quick review to ensure no mistakes were made. She adds that it’s always smart to review legal bills since mistakes can be costly.

Margot concludes by advising divorcing couples to pick their battles: “In a divorce, where emotions are high, it is tempting to pay lawyers to fight for every last lamp and piece of cutlery.”

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Margot’s comments are featured on slide #4, #13 and #15.

The article was also carried by national financial site MoneyTalksNews.

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Margot Freedman Alicks, co-founder of BAM Family Law, director of talent and culture, and director of marketing brings years of experience in diverse legal issues to the firm, including family, corporate, and fiduciary law.

For years after earning her law degree from William & Mary School of Law, Margot litigated various contract, fiduciary, and other commercial corporate issues with Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A. in the Delaware Court of Chancery and Delaware Supreme Court. Her corporate practice included expedited litigation regarding proposed mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, and implementation of defensive devices such as innovative “poison pills.”

She represented Fortune 500 companies in complex commercial matters concerning corporate governance and control, contractual and other complex commercial disputes, which led her to work extensively with some of the best financial experts in the country. This was the case, in particular, in so-called appraisal actions aimed at determining the fair market value of interests in publicly traded and privately owned companies. Margot also advised entity, officer and director policyholders on insurance issues related to corporate litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

But Margot fell in love with family law while at Richards, Layton & Finger through her work representing children under the care of family services as an attorney-guardian ad litem, her assistance with victims of domestic abuse in seeking orders of protection from abuse and/or for custody, and her representation of parents in termination of parental rights proceedings.