Margot Alicks Mediation Article Featured in Law Week Colorado

Margot - Law Week Colorado

Margot Alicks Mediation Article Featured in Law Week Colorado

An article by BAM co-founder Margot Alicks has been featured in Law Week Colorado.
The article, “Family Law: The Impact of Remote Mediation in the COVID-19 Era,” appeared in the April 11 issue of Colorado’s top legal trade publication.

In the article Margot discusses how mediation in Family Law has gone remote and has largely been conducted via Zoom over the past two years of the COVID 19 pandemic. Remote mediation has allowed mediators to mimic both the traditional “shuttle” approach (avoiding animosity between parties by having a mediator moving between two separate rooms) and the more traditional approach of having everyone together in one space.

Margot concludes that, while remote mediation has both drawbacks and advantages, the rate of settlement in mediation does not appear to have been negatively impacted. Rather, it is the mediator’s skills that have a far greater impact on the likelihood of success in a mediation, rather than their mode of conducting the session in person or remotely.

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