Margot Alicks Article Published in Divorce Magazine

Margot Alicks Article Published in Divorce Magazine

An article by BAM shareholder Margot Alicks, “Divorce, Marriage and Cohabitation: New Considerations for Millennials,” has been published by Divorce Magazine.  The publication is a resource for those who are considering divorce, are separated from their spouses, or already divorced. Launched in 1996, Divorce Magazine was the first and is still the only publication of its kind.

With different priorities and interests than prior generations, millennial attitudes towards, marriage, divorce and cohabitation are markedly different than those of generation X and baby boomers.


In her article, Margot examines data showing that millennials are getting married when they are older, more educated and more advanced in their careers than newlyweds of previous generations.

Studies show that the divorce rate plummeted by a full 18 percent between 2008 and 2016, due largely to millennials.  But they are definitely not holding off on living together, and have much more open attitudes towards cohabitation than previous generations.

Since millennials are getting married when they are older and more established, this means that they usually bring more assets into a marriage—and those assets are therefore more at risk.

Consequently, Margot suggests that the millennial generation should think differently about marriage, divorce and cohabitation, and she takes an in-depth look at the various agreements available to millennials, and how they compare to each other.  These include non-marital cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements, and marital agreements.

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