Heather Broxterman Featured in “Year of the Woman” Roundtable

Heather Broxterman Featured in “Year of the Woman” Roundtable

BAM shareholder Heather Broxterman was featured in “Year of the Woman” Roundtable. Heather joined female office and law firm leaders from Colorado in a round table conversation April 3 with Law Week Colorado managing editor Tony Flesor.  The discussion focused on what “the Year of the Woman” means for those already in leadership positions and for those women who aspire to leadership positions.

Heather joined co-panelists Heather Perkins of Faegre Baker Daniels, Shannon Bell of Kelly & Walker, and Christine Lamb of Fortis Law Partners.  The conversation was reported in full in the May 6 issue of Law Week Colorado.

The conversation examined how it seems that women are attaining more leadership positions in politics, the corporate world, and the legal industry – and what to make of these gains since women are still nowhere near parity with men.

In a wide-ranging conversation Heather noted:

“I think there’s something to be said about breaking the barrier and then, hopefully, it becomes easier for all the women to come afterwards. And just having mentors in place that I can look up to and I respect, I think, is important, and it’s become more and more important to me, like in hiring my own people, and really wanting to set a good example.”


For an abridged version of “The Year of the Woman” roundtable in Law Week.com, please click here.


Heather Broxterman Featured in “Year of the Woman” Roundtable



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