Get To Know Your BAM Family Lawyers | Spotlight: Margot Alicks

Get To Know Your BAM Family Lawyers | Spotlight: Margot Alicks

BAM Family Lawyers is an all-women owned boutique family law firm in Denver, Colorado focusing exclusively on domestic relations law. All three co-founders are close friends, and have very different practice styles.

Margot Alicks moved to Colorado from the East Coast. Growing up in New York, she went to school to get her B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Binghamton University. She then went to Virginia for her J.D. from William & Mary. Margot started her career in corporate litigation with one of the largest and oldest firms in Delaware. She and her husband would visit his family in Colorado and they fell in love. They enjoy being outside, hiking, mountain biking, snow shoeing, and discovering new mountain towns.

When asked what challenges she and her colleagues overcame in launching their own firm, Margot said that lawyers are typically risk averse. That was certainly true for BAM’s co-founders. They did not start BAM because they wanted to be business owners or entrepreneurs, but rather because they wanted to work together and wanted to shape a different sort of firm culture. To work the way they wanted to work for and with our clients, starting the firm was the means to that end.

“We love working together because we are always learning from each other, and our team approach ensures that clients are getting different perspectives on their cases while always having a team member available to answer any questions. We take a holistic approach and see clients as people, looking at their lives and the issues we can help them with rather than just seeing them as “cases” we work on.”

Margot explains that when practicing at BAM, she is all working with not only close friends, but with the lawyers she admires most. She tries to have fun not just with each other, but with her clients, to help them through some of the most difficult times in their lives. This helps prevent the “burnout” that often occurs in this difficult area of law.

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