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Family Law Services in Denver, Colorado

BAM Family Law is a Colorado family law firm known for its exceptional work. We have helped many clients achieve the best possible outcomes while negotiating the many complex areas of family law. We are here to alleviate your concerns, help you understand the process, and put you at ease. At BAM we strive to ensure that the process is as easy as possible and that you and your family get what you need: We do this by working closely with our clients and developing personal relationships.


Our experienced lawyers know that each family law case is different and because of this individualized understanding, attention, and expertise is needed. That is what we offer each and every one of our clients. We know our clients want information and need understanding through the divorce process.

Dissolution of Civil Unions

Dissolution of Civil Union in Colorado proceeds and has the same requirements as a Dissolution of Marriage, it is simply captioned differently. Prior to same sex marriage becoming legal in Colorado, many same sex couples relied on the institution of Civil Unions to enjoy similar rights to married couples and enter into a quasi-marital relationship. Although same sex couples can now get married (and, therefore, can obtain dissolution of their marriages), couples in other circumstances may still need to rely on Civil Union to financially protect themselves in a relationship. We have handled both the Dissolution of Marriages and the Dissolution of Civil Unions. We understand that even if it is a Civil Union the dissolution is no less sensitive or less difficult and we provide you with the extra knowledge and understanding you need through this process. A invalidity of marriage (or an annulment) is different from a Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union. We will help you understand the differences and let you know if this is something you can do. The process to invalidate a marriage may significantly different from that of a Dissolution of Marriage and is also time sensitive. If you are seeking an annulment, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you before deadlines occur.

Alimony/Maintenance/Spousal Support

A big concern for some people going through the divorce process is maintenance (alimony). We know the concern for stay at home mothers and fathers, as well as working spouses. Colorado has a specific formula to figure out how much and how long the maintenance will be for. We will help you understand this formula and work for the best outcome for you and your family.

Property Division

Colorado has a specific way of dividing marriage property amongst spouses. The best way to ensure you get the best outcome is to have a lawyer that understands the process and can work with you for a desirable result. There are a lot of complicating factors, especially when it comes to certain types of property. We understand exactly how this works and know precisely how to help you through it.

Changes To Your Divorce Decree

Sometimes after a divorce is finalized, something unexpected happens and certain aspects of the divorce decree need to be changed to accommodate them. We know that this can be difficult and our hardworking lawyers will help you and the court find a solution to the situation with a modification to the decree.

Domestic Abuse / Violence

BAM and the Colorado Courts take domestic abuse and violence very seriously. There are many laws protecting victims of abuse and we will help you understand all these laws as well as help you find resources for aid. We know that domestic abuse is a sensitive issue and will help in every way we can.

Children In Divorce

One of the biggest concerns for spouses going through a divorce are the children. As specialists in family law, BAM Family Law knows the importance of the particular treatment needed when it comes to children. We’ll make sure each child’s needs are heard and met in all custody and support proceedings.

Child Custody

Colorado courts always want what is best for the children in the divorce process. There are a few different custodies awarded but for the most part Colorado courts try for joint custody. We know that this can be one of the most difficult decisions during a divorce. Our lawyers strive to provide the results-driven service required to make sure your children are safe and ensure the best possible outcomes for them.

Child Support

Unlike spousal support (or “maintenance” in Colorado), child support is the right of the child. This means that a parent cannot “waive” child support or agree to a certain figure of support without the ability to modify that amount, as individuals can with maintenance. The idea for child support is to ensure that the child is sufficiently cared for with resources in both parents’ households. There are numerous factors involved in determining child support, and the Court will be looking to the Child Support Guidelines in setting a figure to ensure both parents are supporting their children.

Parental Relocation

Sometimes going through a divorce leads one parent to relocate; this, of course, has some effect on the children and how the custody will proceed. If you or your spouse wants to leave with or without the children there are certain things that will need to be taken into consideration and that can be done. We aid you in getting the best results for your family.