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Domestic Abuse Hotlines and Resources

Credible allegations of domestic abuse can influence who stays in the family home, how much time is spent with the children, and what decisions the abuser is allowed to make on behalf of the children.

If you are a victim of domestic violence there are a number of resources.

Domestic Abuse Help Colorado Resources
  • Arapahoe – Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter 303-343-1851
  • Arapahoe – Project Safeguard 303-344-9016
  • Boulder – Boulder County Safehouse 303-444-2424
  • Denver – Brandon Center 303-620-9190
  • Denver – Project Safeguard 303-863-7232
  • Douglas/Elbert – Women’s Crisis Center 303-688-8484
  • Jefferson County – Family Tree Women in Crisis 303-420-6752


Someone accused of domestic violence, with the police called, is likely to be arrested and spend at least a night in jail. A prosecutor may pursue a domestic violence case without cooperation from the person who originally alleged domestic abuse.