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Welcome to BAM Family Law, a Denver family law firm. At BAM, divorce and family law are what we do. We understand all too well that the issues arising in these areas of the law create some of the most challenging situations our clients will face in their entire lives. That is why we strive to be different and to serve our clients holistically:


Our attorney advocates do not measure success by billable hours. We measure success by the significance of the lives we’ve helped make whole again.

At BAM, we offer energy, compassion, and innovation in pursuit of the best possible outcomes for our clients, who are often faced with complex and emotional family situations. Our legal expertise is bolstered by our ability to assist clients at a time of often severe upheaval in their personal lives.


We offer this assistance through the expertise of our experienced and award-winning attorneys. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of domestic relations litigation and mediation, including complex financial issues involving trusts and business interests, jurisdictional issues involving interstate and international parenting disputes, marital property division, spousal maintenance and child support, developmentally appropriate parenting arrangements, high stakes domestic abuse issues, and determination of the application of pre-nuptial and post-marital agreements. For more information about our methodology, please go to Our Process. Please also review Our BlogFirm News, and Media for more information.


We aim to give our clients a voice in the often overwhelming court process. By building relationships with our clients, offering them the best possible service at within-reach rates, and executing these tasks with dignity and compassion for all, we achieve our mission. At BAM, you are not just a client; you are a person, and we have your back.

BAM’s History & Philosophy

Prior to starting BAM in 2015, our co-founders had many years of experience with other top Family Law firms. This experience has given us the determination to do things differently, to take a new approach, and to represent a diverse range of clients.


We provide unique, personalized, and highly professional legal assistance, drawing on years of experience in highly specialized areas of the law.

BAM’s Clients: Parents, Grandparents, Husbands & Wives

We welcome clients whose needs require challenging existing legal boundaries while serving many clients whose needs are more traditional.


As a result, our clients come from every end of the spectrum: divorced fathers being denied visitation rights, mothers seeking child support, same sex couples seeking to establish their parental rights, domestic abuse victims seeking sanctuary from their abusers, and high net worth individuals trying to protect their children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance during a divorce.


The individualized approach we take with each and every one of our clients is what makes BAM different. We consider not only the legal needs of our clients but also the emotional turmoil their families are going through so that we can help them make the best possible decisions.


Our Family Law Services

BAM is known for its exceptional work in Colorado family law. We have helped many clients through the divorce and legal separation process and helped them achieve the best outcomes possible. We know you may have many concerns during this journey. Our firm will be there every step of the way to ensure you and your family understand the process and feel at ease.


Our experienced lawyers know that each family law case is different and because of this individualized understanding, attention, and expertise is needed. That is what we offer each and every one of our clients. We know our clients want information and need understanding through the divorce process.

Legal Separations

Legal Separations in Colorado proceed and have the same requirements as a Dissolution of Marriage, it is simply captioned differently and does not technically dissolve the marriage. Legal Separation, rather than Dissolution of Marriage, may be a good choice if certain government or employer benefits can continue to be shared despite a separation. The process and case issues are no less sensitive.

Parental Relocation

Sometimes going through a divorce leads one parent to relocate; this of course affects the children and how the custody will proceed. If you or your spouse wants to leave with (or without) the children there are certain things that will need to be taken into consideration and arranged before that can be done.

Property Division

Colorado has a specific way of dividing marriage property amongst spouses. The best way to ensure you get the best outcome is to have a lawyer that understands the process and can work with you for a desirable result. There are a lot of complicating factors, especially when it comes to certain types of property. We understand exactly how this works and know precisely how to help you through it.

Changes To YourDivorce Decree

Sometimes after a divorce is finalized, something unexpected happens and certain aspects of the divorce decree need to be changed to accommodate them. We know that this can be difficult and our hardworking lawyers will help you and the court find a solution to the situation with a modification to the decree.

Domestic Abuse & Violence

BAM and the Colorado Courts take domestic abuse and violence very seriously. There are many laws protecting victims of abuse and we will help you understand all these laws as well as help you find resources for aid. We know that domestic abuse is a sensitive issue and will help in every way we can.

Children In Divorce: Custody & Support

One of the biggest concerns for spouses going through a divorce are the children. As specialists in family law, BAM Family Law knows the importance of the particular treatment needed when it comes to children. We'll make sure each child's needs are heard and met in all custody and support proceedings.

Alimony/Maintenance: Spousal Support

A big concern for many people going through the divorce process is maintenance (alimony). We know the concern for stay at home spouses who need support, as well as working spouses who may not want to work forever. Colorado has a specific formula to figure out how much and how long the maintenance term will be, though there are many complicating factors, and we can help you navigate these for the best result.

BAM’s Team Approach

At BAM, we have developed a team approach that utilizes our attorneys’ varying areas of specialization and tailors their diverse skills and styles for maximum effectiveness. This allows our clients to enjoy highly individualized attention at reasonable rates.


Our team approach allows for many cases to have the involvement of two or more attorneys and also by other legal experts. For the clients, that means that their cases will be reviewed by attorneys with a variety of perspectives, styles and legal expertise, who can review elements of constitutional, civil, family, criminal, and corporate law to determine the best approach. At the same time, the lead attorney oversees the entire process and develops a one-on-one relationship with the client.


Some of our attorneys are more familiar with certain judges and/or certain jurisdictions, and the team process allows them to weigh in with those valuable insights.


The team approach also has financial benefits for the client, allowing paralegals to create first drafts at lower rates, thereby minimizing costs. The client is charged a “blended rate” reflecting the average of attorney and paralegal time, to reflect the incorporation of the much lower paralegal rate for delegable tasks.


This approach also means that if the client’s lead attorney is in court or away for some other reason, there is always someone available who is familiar with their case should an urgent need arise. For more information about the team, please go to Our Team.

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BAM’s Family Law Expertise

Our award-winning attorneys have been recognized throughout their community in the form of 10.0 “Superb” ratings on Avvo.com, numerous five-star client reviews, and being selected for inclusion on the list of Colorado SuperLawyers® Rising Stars—an honor reserved for only 2.5% of the attorneys in the state, among many other awards.


Co-Founders Heather Broxterman and Kyle McFarlane have both been recognized as “Up and Coming Lawyers” by Law Week Colorado, the state’s premier legal trade publication.


The team also works hard to ensure that they are giving back to the community through CLE presentations, pro bono mediation and advisement sessions hosted by various district courts, mentoring of new attorneys, and a range of community service. Firm attorneys also write for the BAM blog and outside publications. For more information please see Our Expertise.


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These awards are a reflection of our team’s unwavering dedication
and the unparalleled service we provide each and every person that walks through our door.


BAM Family Law made the top 18 law firms out of 146 Child Support Lawyers serving Denver.

SUPER LAWYERS 2017 & 2018

Partner Margot Alicks was selected for inclusion as a Colorado Super Lawyer® – Rising Star in the field of Family Law, 2014, 2015, 2016.


The firms partners were awarded up and coming lawyers and featured in Law Week

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