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The Latest on Kim Davis

Kim Davis and Marriage Licenses

One of the hottest stories in the news lately has been the saga of Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriages licenses to same-sex couples based on her Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage. Last week, U.S. District Judge David Bunning found Davis in contempt of court and ordered her to remain in jail until she complied with the Kentucky law, which now allows same-sex couples to marry. Davis was released from jail on Tuesday September 8, 2015, after spending the holiday weekend in jail. The most recent order seems to suggest that the courts are expecting Davis “not to interfere” with the issuance of marriages licenses to “all eligible couples.” The orders do not necessarily require Davis to issue the licenses herself but do require that she not interfere with the issuance of those licenses by the deputies of the court clerk’s office.  Interestingly enough, news sources are relatively quiet on the issue of whether the six deputy clerks that Davis forbade from issuing licenses to same-sex couples were simply obeying Davis’ instruction or had religious issues of their own.  One thing is clear: if same-sex couples continue to be unable to obtain marriage licenses in Kentucky, we have not yet seen the end of this story.

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