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Football and Domestic Violence

Paralegal’s Perspective (by Frances Butler) The professional football season is an exciting time of year for both fans and non-fans alike. Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games can be highly anticipated events with family and friends coming together over food, drinks, and most importantly, the sport. Ties to teams are strong, based on legacy, geography, […]

Cries for Help: Black Dot Campaign Domestic Abuse

Although domestic abuse has been a prevalent problem for decades, if not centuries, it has of late–with the NFL scandals–taken much more of a noticeable role in our general societal awareness.  In 2013, the Colorado legislature took significant steps to address the misconceptions surrounding domestic abuse–such as the false impression held by many that abuse […]

The (Sometimes) Myth of the Evil StepParents

Stepparents can take many forms: from the conflict-provoking intruders to the co-parenting allies, to the helpful go-between for legal parents.  Over this past weekend, a story popped up on Facebook that challenged the rhetoric of the “evil stepparent” and tugged at the heartstrings of many.  Todd Bachman, father of the bride at his daughter’s wedding […]

Six-Year-Old “Schools” Mother

Paralegal’s Perspective  (By Jordan Honea) Everyone understands that divorce is emotionally difficult. The life you once had with your significant other is suddenly under a microscope, broken down by evaluations and numbers.  Yet the children in a divorcing family are given by the justice system special consideration–experts are often called and the court is careful to […]

What happens to pets in a divorce?

For most people, pets are more than just possessions; they are trusted companions and family members.  The idea of pets as property does not jive with most people’s experiences with their own beloved pets. For us as divorce attorneys, it is all the more difficult to explain that in litigation, pets are indeed property.  One […]

Grandparents In Divorce

Sunday, September 13, 2015, was National Grandparents Day. For many of us, our grandparents were a huge influence in our lives, especially when we were children. Fortunately, my parents and my grandparents were usually on the same page, which was important because I had two sets of very involved grandparents. However, what happens when parents […]

The Latest on Kim Davis

Kim Davis and Marriage Licenses One of the hottest stories in the news lately has been the saga of Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriages licenses to same-sex couples based on her Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage. Last week, U.S. District Judge David Bunning found Davis in contempt of court and […]


If you are on Instagram or Twitter, you have probably noted the trending hashtag “#divorceselfies.”  You will see pictures of apparently happy couples, often outside of courthouses, posing for a picture commemorating their ending marriage and committing to being kind to one another after the divorce is final.  It is a truly inspiring sentiment, especially […]

Make Up as Fraud?

Make Up as Fraud?  The Myriad Reasons People Get Divorced. Many of us had raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when www.LittleChurchMouse.com published an article recounting the details of a man’s choice to sue his wife for fraud due solely to the fact that she looked so very different with and without make-up.  In light of […]

Ashley Madison: Our Default to “Fault” In A No-Fault State

You’ve seen it all over the news.  You can’t log into Facebook or walk into a coffee shop without hearing something about AshleyMadison.com, a website for spouses looking discretely to cheat.  It was, to the chagrin of many in the Denver area participants, recently hacked leading to the exposition of thousands. Many of those spouses were right here in […]