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Some Issues to Consider for Life After Divorce

Going through a divorce can be debilitating for everyone involved. Your finances undergo a complete overhaul, your assets are divided, and your family’s home life endures many tests and changes (especially if you have children). Life after divorce for men and women is complicated, and there are many issues to consider. Is the divorce judgment […]

Broxterman Alicks McFarlane Partners Selected as Colorado 2017 Rising Stars by Super Lawyers

Broxterman Alicks McFarlane is honored that all three of our partners (Kyle McFarlane, Margot Alicks and Heather Broxterman) have been both nominated and awarded by Super Lawyers to be Colorado’s Rising Stars in 2017! We’re speechless that we’ve been able to accomplish this within our first year of business and we know that we couldn’t have […]

Colorado Prenuptial Agreements 101

Sending shivers down any romantic’s spine, discussing prenuptial agreements can take the wind out of any couple’s sails. But it is a responsible conversation to be had between couples, as divorce continues to be a dreadful reality for many, with the divorce rate for the US still ranging between 40% to 50%. Yet, current misconceptions […]

5 Things to Know Before Filing for Divorce in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado is a “no-fault” divorce state? This has profound implications on whether or not a divorce will be granted in Colorado; there must be what is termed “irretrievable breakdown” in a marriage. It must be obvious to an objective observer that there is no chance of salvaging the relationship. The faults […]

How to Prepare for Discovery

Discovery is an often painful legal process, which takes place during a contested divorce proceeding. Each side in the divorce is required to answer a list of questions, called interrogatories, under oath. The questions are drafted by the respective lawyers for either party, and are usually about financial issues—wages, assets, debts, and so on. Through […]

Glossary of Terms for Family Law

There are many legal terms relating to family law that identify specific parties in legal disputes and describe particular legal actions. Each state, including Colorado, has a glossary of legal terms, provided to make the understanding and interpretation of the law clearer for all parties involved. To navigate the complexities of family law, it is […]

Debunking the Top Child Support Myths in Colorado

When it comes to child support, it is important that you are knowledgeable about the legal obligations to ensure that you or your ex-spouse are not in violation of any requirements and that your children are getting the financial support that they need. However, with so many rumors about child support circulating, it can sometimes […]

How Long Does A Divorce Take In Colorado?

How long a divorce will take depends upon many factors, including your state of residence. In Colorado, the initial phase of divorce proceedings takes a minimum of ninety days; the ninety-first day is the soonest you can have a Colorado court look at granting a legal divorce.  Some form of this “cooling off” period is […]