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Welcome to Broxterman, Alicks, McFarlane P.C., a family law firm in Denver. At BAM, family law and divorce law are our legal expertise. We understand these areas of law practice are among the most stressful challenges people deal with in their entire lives. That is why we started our firm to be different, to focus on helping you as a whole person, not just a client.

We are energetic, compassionate, and innovative in the way we approach advocating for the people who come to us for help — people seeking the best possible outcome from complex and frequently emotional situations. Our advocates don’t measure success by billable hours; we measure success by the number of lives we’ve made whole again.

We are a relatively new law firm, but our attorneys have years of experience in family law with other top family law firms, unafraid to do things differently, unafraid to represent all types of clients, and unafraid to test the legal limits of our ever-changing culture.

We provide unique, personal, and highly professional legal assistance, drawing on over a decade of experience in specialized fields of law.

Compassionate Family Law Services in Denver

We know that family law is more than legal processes. We understand that the circumstances that bring our clients to our door are emotional processes as well.

Our attorneys have vast expertise in all areas of domestic relations litigation, including complex jurisdictional issues involving divorce and parenting, marital property division, spousal and child support, parenting disputes, and marital agreements — pre and post marriage. For more information about our process here, please go to Your Process.  Please also feel free to review Our Blog for more information.

Divorce Attorney Family Lawyer Denver Colorado

BAM’s Clients: Parents, Grandparents, Husbands and Wives

We welcome clients whose needs require challenging current legal boundaries, while serving many clients whose needs are more traditional.

As a result, our clients come from every end of the spectrum: divorced fathers being denied visitation rights, mothers seeking child support, same sex couples seeking to establish their parental rights.

How we deal with each and every one of our clients is what makes us different. We consider not only the legal needs of our clients but also the emotional turmoil they are going through so we can help them make the best possible decisions.

Building a relationship with our clients, offering our clients the best possible service at a reasonable price, and executing these tasks with dignity and compassion for all involved is our mission.

Divorce Attorney Denver Colorado

BAM’s Team Approach

Drawing on the years of experience of our attorneys, we’ve developed a team approach that allows us to give individualized attention to our clients, tailoring our attorneys’ diverse skills and styles to deliver maximum efficiency and understanding.

Our team approach insures that every case is reviewed by at least two — likely more — attorneys and also by other legal experts.  For the client, that means that their case will be reviewed by attorneys with a variety of perspectives, styles and legal expertise: civil/family, criminal and corporate law, while still having a lead attorney, the Shareholder, overseeing the entire process and developing a one-on-one relationship with the client.

Some of our attorneys are more familiar with certain judges and/or certain jurisdictions, so this process allows them to weigh in.

The team approach also has financial benefits for the client, allowing paralegals to perform routine tasks such as drafting letters.  The client is charged a “blended rate” to reflect the much lower paralegal rate for routine tasks.

This approach also means that if the client’s lead attorney is in court or away for some other reason, there is always someone available who is familiar with their case should an urgent need arise. For more information about the team here, please go to Our Team.

Family Lawyers Denver Divorce Attorneys BAM Family Law

BAM’s Family Law Expertise

Our award-winning attorneys have enjoyed recognition from their community in the form of 10.0 “Superb” ratings on, five-star client reviews, and being selected for inclusion among the short list of Colorado SuperLawyers® Rising Stars—an honor reserved for only 2.5% of the attorneys in the state. Margot Alicks and Heather Broxterman have been recognized, respectively, as a “Compleat Lawyer” and an “Up and Coming Lawyer” by Law Week Colorado. But the team also works hard to ensure that they are giving back to the community through extensive publications, CLE presentations, mentoring, and community service. For more information please see Our Expertise.

For more information please feel free to Contact Us for a consult today.

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